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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: everybody be careful. you want your dogs out there when it's hot, but this is good information to have. thanks, steve. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us. see you on "the five" in a couple hours. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: the moment is near. investigators are about to tell us more about the deadly mass shooting outside a bar there. the killer gunned down anybody people including his own sister before the cops took him down. yesterday after a briefing like the one a which you're looking now, the feds announced charges against a friend of the shooter. today we have no hints of any kind as to the details of the announcement we're about to get. so we wait. likely not for long. first, violence erupting in one of the world's busiest airports as protesters and riot's police face off in hong kong. as a pro beijing official says, demonstrators have taken the event into a path of no return.
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thousands of protesters streamed into the hong kong airport again today forcing airlines to cancel every single outbound flight this afternoon. the demonstrators blocked entrances to the airport, barricading them with a luggage card. some threw the carts and water bottles at officers. at one point, the demonstrators detained two men. they accused them of being undercover agents for beijing. video showed one of the men with zip ties around his wrists tied to a baggage cart. cops eventually got him out of the airport and into an ambulance. police used pepper spray and batons on the protesters. it was an unimaginable occurrence that the riot police came in to this building, in this place at this time, but it
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happened. they beat one man until his face was bloody. they arrests some of the demonstrators. the protesters are calling for more democratic policies in hong kong and an independent investigation to police actions during the protest. it started two months ago over an extradition bill. one that would along hong kong to send suspected criminals to mainland china. big picture here, that means freedom of speech could disappear because criticizing the communist government in china would be illegal. government officials have tabled the bill. the demonstrators want it thrown out, never to return. the protests have continued and now have shifted the complaints of police overreach or brutality. china and hong kong live under one country, two systems principle. hong kong is technically part of china, but it has its own government, its own ways. its leaders not democratically elected and have to answer to beijing. it's complicated. the two system policy is set to
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exist by agreement until 2047. today's demonstrators, young people that worry about their lives 28 years from now. many hong kongers fear that china might be moving up the timeline and with the local police overwhelmed, some appear to be losing their resolve. remember, hong kong is about tourism and cash money. this is good for neither. china's built a bridge to hong kong from the mainland and if president trump is right, when he said that the chinese are building up troops at the border, then they could cross that brand new bridge quickly. analysts believe that's not likely a thing for today. instead, china laying the foundation long-term as it always looks for a takeover at a time of its choosing. let's get the latest from the state department and rich edson. rich? >> shep, in a couple hours, chinese officials will try to reopen that airport there and
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for months china has been trying to extinguish these protests as officials in the u.s. government are watching what the chinese government is doing there and how it's responding. president trump tweeted -- >> it's unclear whether china's military presence there is only a show to intimidate the population or meant as part of a broader operation. the state department spokesperson adds -- >> the administration, the united states have been makeup more aggressive the last couple weeks. when this started, the trump administration and the state department say they expect the chinese government to adhere to the agreement that they signed
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with the british when the british government turned over control to china, shep. >> shepard: given an opportunity to stand up before the cameras and say this must stop, china, hong kong, this must stop, he did not. now the chinese government is blaming this on the united states. >> china is blaming the united states. it's done so for other issues, specifically lawmakers that are making comments, criticizing china's crackdown. china has responded in this. the spokesperson said -- >> china has previously accused the u.s. for inciting discord and protests as a way to rob the demonstrators of legitimacy. china criticized the u.n. human rights office for expressing concerns about the escalation of
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violence by security officers there. hong kong officials are defending police actions. they say dialogue will begin when the violence stops. protesters say it's the police that are escalating, firing tear gas and clamping down on the protesters. the u.s. and china did have direct communications today. is secretary of state mike pompeo was in new york earlier today. the diplomat from china said they had an exchange of views. when you talk about this and trade, there's plenty to exchange, shep. >> shepard: thanks, john. now to john bussey from the wall street journaled. work in hong kong on the china online edition. john, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> shepard: i thought i was going to see you. you're on the phone. here's the big picture. traditionally, john, the united states' role in world affairs of
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this kind would normally look like to president standing up, admonishing china, democracy must thrive. help us make sense of what is happening now. >> yeah, it's very important for the president of the united states to stand up. when china says this is none of your business, it is saying that the freedom of people is none of the business of the united states when in fact it's the concern of the world overall. china, you know, being two systems, one country, two systems, that was kind of a very nice conceipt. but it's hard to imagine that that has legs. one system has free people and the other one does not. chinese people have a lot of complaints. it's not just about the extradition treaty. it highland prices, high apartment costs, all of those things. at the core, it's about this
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slow encroachment of china into the affairs of hong kong and the lessens of freedom within hong kong. the global business community has to be worried about this. hong kong, along with everything else, is the only place in china where there's rule of law. that governs contracts for business and doing business in china. it's critical, very dangerous when that is under threat. >> shepard: this escalation at the hong kong airport comes on the day that president trump blinked in his easy to win trade war. is that coincidental or is there significance? >> the president is thinking how do i play this? i don't want to antagonize xi jinping when i'm trying to get a trade deal with the chinese, even if it's a fig leaf going to the election season. i need to resolve this situation with china. do i stand up now for the people of china and antagonize xi
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jinping do? what does he do? does he send troops into the streets of hong kong? there's thousands of americans, thousands of foreigners, companies of every stripe having regional headquarters in hong kong. does he want the pla roughing people up, shooting some people with shades of tiananmen hanging on this? very difficult to imagine that happening. but at the same time, look at the violence in the airport and you think this is a very sad sort of feeling of an end game on china. when it gets to violence, the danger level goes way up because it gives the police perhaps even the chinese military an excuse to step in. >> shepard: an excuse. john bussey. thank you. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. the mayor of dayton, ohio with that update. let's listen. >> talk about just the totality
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of the organization and what they have done during this, this tragic event. and then the chief will give and overall time line of what happened that evening. i'll take it over to shelly. >> thank you, mayor. so i know there's been a lot of attention given to the officers that actually engaged in the shooting, or neutralizing the shooter. i did want to provide a summary of all of the work this organization did. it is -- there was a lot of heroic service provided across the organization and across the region. so just to sum up a few things to help you understand or highlight the total response we had. helping the police department, there were 14 responding agencies from federal, state, county and other local
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jurisdictions. the actions -- a lot of the actions included of course engaging the shooter and applying first aid, performing cpr, applying tourniquets, comforts victims, securing the crime scene and collecting evidence, some of which is digital. on going investigational activities, managing the message regarding the event and the investigation to the media and general public and supporting their teammates through this very difficult time. the fire department was the first department to create the command post to integrate police and fire into a unified command. they responded -- our dayton fire department responded with medic units, three ladders and other units to support the
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response to the event. dayton fire department had seven jurisdictions that sent 12 additional medics. five jurisdictions provided fire station fill-in and responded to a working structure fire. they also spent time supporting and continue to spend time supporting their teammates through this event and beyond. recreational used services provided facility support for the emergency operation center at the dayton convention center. they also provided space and coordinated with the red cross to create the family assistance center and they coordinated the press room where we did multiple, multiple press events. the department of public works provided a variety of street maintenance activities and helped set up the stage for the sunday night vigil. the office of public affairs,
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city manager's office, mayor's office and the law department established and had clear channels for media and residents to get timely info, including live streaming and pushing out on the city media channels and website. they coordinated an enormous amount of media calls and ensured local and national media had access to city leaders. finally, managed a great deal of donations and outpouring of public support and pushed out information to start the community and the healing process. so aside from the police officers that engaged in the shooting there were hundreds of people in our organization and throughout the region that provided service to address this tragic event. >> thank you.
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appreciate it. >> good afternoon. we'll provide an update on a couple of things here today. first to give a little bit of an update as you might understand that after an event of this magnitude that preliminary information on casualties is pry limb ordinary. so we had people that were walk-ons or walk in the hospital and ask for services subsequent to that day. so the total here is listed before you. i want read it out in terms of fatalities and nonfatal. these are gunshot wounds. so this is everyone killed or injured through a gunshot wound. in total, 26 victims. 15 female and 11 male. you can see the racial demographic breakdown of all the victims. we thought it was important to
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give you an update as complete as we can at this time, although i don't anticipate any additional victims necessarily comingford. we need to be still open to that possibility. i'll say that. there's been incredible interest by probably all media agencies on something called timeline. i was asked a number of questions last week that can i confirm this video coverage of the individual within side of blind bob. the fact that these folks were together, all three, the assailant, his sister and his companion. i made it clear at that time that's relevant in terms of a point in time, but that's not really our biggest concern. our concern was once they
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separated, then what happened. what was that time frame? we now can fill that in. so you see right now, we were able to confirm the arrival of those three individuals in a vehicle that was parked behind in the high nine parking lots. i assume most of you. that was 11:04. there was a parking ticket that had the time stamped on it. so we were able to confirm the time of arrival. we know immediately upon arrival, all three headed to blind bob's and remained there until 12:13 a.m. when the assailant in fact left. went across the street to ned pepper's where he remained until 12:42 a.m. he then goes back to the parking lot. that's the timeline where the vehicle is at. he spends the next eight minutes
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gathering content out of the trunk of that vehicle. in which he's also now changed attire. he has a very heavy backpack that he is carrying. he then goes to the rear of the heart mercantile location. he's there for about nine minutes. it's at that point there's physical evidence, video evidence and physical evidence to confirm that he was at that location and we'll give you that detail in this presentation. then at 1:04 a.m., he emerges behind the alley and that's when the shooting begins. so this slide here is obviously an overhead view of the oregon district where this incident
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occurred covering -- look in the bottom left corner of this tv screen. that's the high nine parking lot. that's where the vehicle is parked. now we'll show you that path that all three took from that vehicle to blind bob's. the green blind that shows their path of travel. all of this will be validated subsequently through video. i'm going to ask lieutenant paul saunders who is the commander and strategic planning bureau that had a team of six people working on 250 gigabytes of video to try to determine path of travel, identify the suspect and the assailant, his path of travel and time frame. >> shepard: so it was a long and exhaustive process and there's much more to go. mike tobin has been covering this. he's live in the midwest
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newsroom. mike? >> this is the first time we got a time line to what happened at that point of separation. we know that the gunman went in to the oregon district with his sister. they drove in their parent's car. the third person that is only known as an associate or an accomplice. went into that bar called blind bob's, which is across the street from ned pepper's in the heart of where this massacre took place. they separated. he went to ned pepper's by himself for a little while. that's what we learned from chief biel from the dayton p.d. he went to the car, spent some time at the car presumably gearing up. he changes attire. you have to fill in the blink that he put on the body armor. we know the gun he carried was capable of holding 100 rounds at the time due to the special drum-type magazine that it had. the police have said that he was capable of carrying a potential of 250 rounds.
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so filling in the blanks, you think he's carrying the additional rounds somewhere. that could be what the police chief is talking about in the heavy backpack that he had. so we're leaving it at that point. we know that he went to the car. he spent time in the parking lot after he loaded up and the chief said there's physical evidence. that was at 12:42. there wasn't that much time until he came around the building and started firing. we know it was all over in 20 seconds. 20 seconds police engaged and over in 30 seconds. >> shepard: still work to do. thanks, mike. and in russia, spiking radiation. after records of an explosion of a doomsday weapon what we know about project sky fall. that's coming up as our reporting continues on this tuesday afternoon. billions of mouths.
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i'll pass. >> shepard: police in dayton releasing new videos of the dayton murder spree. let's listen in. >> he's going to exit. the time on this is about 13 minutes after midnight. he leaves here in just a moment. and now 12:14. a minute later, this is the shooter entering ned peppers. he's there about 30 minutes. ned peppers is very crowded. shoulder to shoulder. he leaves at 12:42. a key time to remember. getting closer to when the shooting began. so the shooter exited. we catch him on video going
12:26 pm
eastbound on fifth street. you can see him in yellow here. he travels eastbound. moves -- i apologize. another point to note. he's just come out ned peppers, this is video from hole in the wall, which is adjacent to ned peppers. the front of this is the police cruiser, this is where the police are. they're very visible at this point. the shooter comes out of ned peppers and works in front of the cruiser. he's aware of where they were. you think he had to have seen them. so this doesn't look like much. it's his shirt here. this is him in the alley, this is the tumble weed. we know it's him because of the timing. you'll see in the next couple slides it clearly him.
12:27 pm
this is the video next door at the mercantile. he's walking eastbound. he's walking back towards the car at this point. and this is behind -- very clear video. when we comes across, still walking eastbound. still wearing a t-shirt. still in shirts. there's no backpack. 12:45 right now. we know at this point he's heading back to the car, this is from the record store here. you'll see him coming from the left, the right. switch over to the private residence camera. the one in the very beginning. his behind the car. if you were on a high resolution screen, you can see there's movement. it appears he's walking around the car. it appears the trunk lid is coming open and shut. he's there eight minutes. you'll see him when he exits.
12:28 pm
takes a second here. we speed it up. when he walks out, you'll notice, he's no longer wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and he's now wearing a dark hoodie and a backpack. you'll notice the backpack in a minute. i don't know if you can see the movement here. there's movement around the car there. here he comes exiting. so now he has the backpack. a long sleeve shirt. the path on the right-hand side shows how he went. he cut back over to the alley. this is from the record store. the same path here. this is just verifying that he had no interactions with anybody else. here he comes. he's coming out of the building and going -- the thumbnail shows the path he's going.
12:29 pm
this is the video behind n newcomb's. you'll see he has the backpack. its weighed down. it's not empty. this is key point here. pause for a second. on the thumbnail, you'll see that this camera view goes to the corner, which is this corner of this building. at this point, we lost him for about nine minutes. we couldn't find him. so this is a viewpoint from the mercantile. this is the opposite corner of that building. you saw when he walked, you saw the image of him walking the first time. when he comes this way, the guys finally picked it up. watch the highlighted screen here. probably have to play this twice. you'll see him dart around the corner. there it is.
12:30 pm
one more time. he shoots around that corner quickly. he was behind the building for about nine minutes. next slide. this is the viewpoint -- this is where he went around. we have a pretty good idea what he was doing there. as he shoots up this alley, he comes up. we know he was probably charging his weapon, loading the weapon. the next day, as we process the scene where this placard is, there's an unspent round. it's damaged like it had to be ejected. that was recovered. it was one of the rounds matching what the shooter had. as he turned this corner, he was probably charging his weapon. probably had to recharge it.
12:31 pm
the next video will show the reason why we think as he was traveling up this alley he began shooting. so this is another one that we have to show twice. because the first thing you'll notice is the people. that's doing to tell you when you have rounds coming down range. we'll replay it. follow the line we superimposed. that shows when the shooter comes through here. you'll notice after you see when they move, the shooter doesn't enter the frame until after that happens. this is the patio. now they're moving. heard shots. play it again for me. play it again. now you can see them when they start moving. the best place to see him is here.
12:32 pm
he takes this path. there he goes. we know he's been firing. pause for a second. just passed this umbrella is the taco stand. that's where the first three fatalities occur. so we also know from homicide, from the eye witness accounts, as he's crossing fifth street right here, he continues to fire down this street. there's evidence of that. next slide. so this slide here is -- we're going to move you geographically down the street. this is from the hole in the wall, which is the store that is adjacent to ned peppers. the cruiser is not in the picture here. the cruiser and the police are here. this is the crowd in front of the hole in the wall there. when the video starts, they're reacting, shots fired.
12:33 pm
you'll see the first response of the officers. obviously identified him. the first officer coming around the corner. followed by the remainder that will come out. you can see when -- this might stutter here. they're engaging right now. so this is the officer. later on you can barely see the guy. the next slide is now from ned peppers. this is now angling to the west. the shooter is up the street. he's crossed fifth street. he's been shooting down fifth street. the officers are reacting. you saw the officer here. he comes up in this portion of the screen.
12:34 pm
we have had to redact some of this because there's some sensitive material on there we didn't think is good for the public. you'll get a good idea of the path of the shooter and the first response of the officers. you'll see the officer here. on the right-hand side, you'll see the path of the officer. so he's engaging right now. that was the shooter that just went by. the officer came up. he's now responded back. play that again. there's the officer there. the shooter coming by. he was engaged there. so we're going to go to the next slide, which is still from -- this is from ned peppers. this is theend of this -- the
12:35 pm
first slide i showed you is the officers standing out. they're all up here. next door is hole in the wall. this is ned pepper's front door. you saw down here. the officer engaging the shooter as he ran up the sidewalk. july see the shooter continue to run and ends here. so if you look at the thumbnail on the right, you can see the shooter is in front of ned peppers. the blue dot shows you where the police are. by our best resources at our finger tips, we believe the shooting started at 1:05 and 35 seconds. we believe it ended at 1:06 and 7 seconds, 32 seconds. depending on which video you're
12:36 pm
looking at, our first engagement was about halfway through that. all of this data has been turned over for more technical analysis with the fbi. it took us awhile to go through what we've got. we were just honing in on certain parts. they'll go through audio and sinking social media. in a nutshell, this accounts for the shooter's movements from the time he arrived in the oregon district until the end. >> [inaudible question]. >> 11:04, 11:05 would be in the oregon district parking lot. the first clips of him exiting the vehicle. >> did you say 12:42 he passed a police officer? >> the time --
12:37 pm
>> the police vehicle and likely police officers at the same time. >> you think he was going into ned peppers? >> that's a great question. whether he had gone in to ned peppers to case it, it's a strong probability. let me say that he was very familiar with the oregon district. this is not a place that he did not know. >> any chance while in ned peppers he had an encounter or -- >> no. there's no indication that he had -- he had contact with individual there's, but no indication that any of those were of significance that would generate a response like this. this was a plan before he got to the oregon district. >> what is the most important thing you learned from watching that video? >> well, i think it was
12:38 pm
important where there were co-conspirators, other folks aiding and abetting. clearly that day during that time frame, we don't see anyone assisting him in committing this crime. that's important information. also, that plus follow up investigation seems to strongly suggest that his companion had no idea what he was going to do, nor did he have any knowledge of the weapons that were in the trunk of that vehicle. >> [question inaudible] >> he did know where they were at. they were communicating during this hour back and forth. one brief phone call, we don't know the content of that. that was his sister and he. so don't know what that content is. but also text messages also.
12:39 pm
>> [question inaudible] >> no, there was -- there was no -- there was a communication that -- from his companion that they were "going to the taco stand." that was about search minutes or so before the shooting occurred. >> [question inaudible] >> you know, it's an interesting question. i will tell you that a lot of us have been involved in this dialogue. we've all reviewed this evidence, including homicide detectives. we have different views in that regard. if we can't agree on the interpretation of the evidence, some say no, it had to be, i would say it's inconclusive.
12:40 pm
>> [question inaudible] >> it was -- the question is whether -- the sister was an intentional victim and his companion that was shot but survived. i said basically the evidence has been debated in both directions with individuals in the organization familiar with the evidence, arguing both directions. if we -- based on what we know now, which is a key factor here, if we can't seem to make that call conclusively, that we're divided, it inconclusive, we may get a better insight from historical data looking back. based on the evidence from that night, i don't think we can make the call. >> any indications that the friend was at the site when this happened? >> none that i'm aware of. >>
12:41 pm
>> [question inaudible] >> i'm sorry? >> the officers fired him up street and engaged him next door? >> the officer was on screen on the video you saw. the officer was on screen. the shooter would have been off screen initially coming down the sidewalk. >> there's more video out there, by the way. >> how big a part did the body armor play of not being able to neutralize him? >> a great question, too. i would say the body armor because of the way it was worn was vulnerable. fortunately we took advantage of it. >> ballistic plates. >> [question inaudible] >> that's something that the
12:42 pm
coroner reviews. he's not complete. when he's ready to discuss that particular -- what the injuries were and causes of the injuries, then you can have that information. >> [question inaudible] >> well, we know three individuals that were shot immediately around blind bob's. they were the initial victims what is uncertain -- we assembled on the south side of the street in front of tumble weed and everybody is clustered on the other side of the street. when that shot was fired, it's not really clear for me at this point. >> she was mobile. she was shot. ran quite a ways. we're piecing that together. >> in the video that shows people in the bar, the workers, did you interview them to know what they talked about? >> we have interviewed a lot of folks. i can't tell you who we spoke to, if that person or what the
12:43 pm
content was. that's a level of detail that we can provide. >> [question inaudible] >> yeah, i tried to create a distinction between motivation and mindset. motivation seems to suggest this specific location, this particular night, these individuals that were victims, i think that is way, way downstream. that is not the level of clarity that we all have now. we certainly don't have it now. whether we will ever have that will be, you know, questioned. mindset? we have a lot of information about mindset. historic call data about mindset and its progression. but i want to remind you that is
12:44 pm
the principle focus right now of the investigation by the fbi. so they're running with that. we need them to run with that. that's what they do best. amongst other things. that's their role. we allow them to do them. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't think more than i've already amplified. there's this history of obsession with violence and violent ideations, the discussion of interest in mass shootings and interests in desire to carry out a mass shooting. that should be enough to get a free clear picture of what was going on here. >> [question inaudible] >> i was not aware of it. that would have been an interview by homicide detectives. i don't have that detail. i realize you have a lot of questions. we're trying to fill in with the
12:45 pm
gaps. i'll tell you, this was the next big i think chunk of the investigation that we felt comfortable of releasing. we have high level of confidence it's accurate in terms of time frame and location and activity, particularly of the principle individual who is responsible for these mass shootings and murders. >> [question inaudible] >> yeah, there will be some evidence of that. the question is will that play into that night? don't know yet. that's part of the toxicology report that typically takes six weeks. the coroner said last week he hoped to have it in two weeks. that's an important piece. again, it's a mindset. we won't know that weeks. >> [question inaudible] >> there was some evidence of drug paraphernalia, yes. >> you said neither conversations in neither of the
12:46 pm
because caused the shooting. he preplanned it. don't how much, one day, one week, one month? >> hard to say. i can say he was in the oregon district friday night. what was his mindset then? i don't know. he was not unfamiliar with this area and the fact that he was there the night before, you know, certainly have to consider there was some thought being given to it at that time. >> [question inaudible] >> no. your folks -- i don't think you saw anybody else in the alley way at that time. >> no. two different segments that we can't see clearly. that's at the car with the branch in the way about behind newcomes? there were people in the parking lot behind newcomes, blind
12:47 pm
bob's. there were people back there that went from either side. we have video from the newcome side and the mercantile actually. so nobody went back there. there were no vehicles that came into play at that point. he appeared to be back there alone. >> what did you mean by charge the gun? >> chamber a round. your bullets are in a magazine of some time. when you charge a gun, you're working the action so one of the rounds goes up in the chamber of the gun so it can fire. >> chief, how is getting into the cell phone changed this investigation for you? what did you learn that you didn't know before? >> this was just informed -- i talked to todd wickerham sunday night. this was on my mind a bit. i had been informed then that he got the phone. i don't know there is more detail. i don't know what was in there. but i don't have a sense of
12:48 pm
there's anything that is -- particularly revealing at this time. they have to have an opportunity to go through that and there's other evidence that they have to go through. nothing that i'm aware of in the initial examination. >> [question inaudible] >> are you aware of any diagnosis? >> no, i'm not aware of any diagnosis. i am aware that he had undergone some treatment. i can't comment further on that. i am aware of that. >> [question inaudible] >> it seems so. it seems so. >> chief, are you thinking that he had a weapon and the backpack
12:49 pm
disassembled in that eight minutes and he assembled everything? >> right. i don't think he could have put that weapon in its fully built-out state in that backpack and not having it sticking out. so to some degree, it was disassembled. that's a pretty fair conclusion. and then you had the drum magazine, too. so yeah, that's part of the explanation for the nine minutes. >> noticing the backpack appeared to be weighed down. so fair to say it was probably in the backpack. we checked with a lot of our weapons techs and swat guys. they confer that that weapon had to be broken down to some extent. >> hang on a minute. >> [question inaudible] >> none. >> there was a question even of
12:50 pm
visibility quiet honestly from the alley. you have the patio of blind bob's, all the umbrellas hanging down. her and the companion are on the opposite side of the taco stand. so there's a real question, could he even see who that is on the other side. that's why i'm saying, the evidence seems to be questionable, although it's very clear seven minutes before he started shooting that he knew they were there. >> [question inaudible] >> no indication that they knew. >> [question inaudible] >> you know, like i say, that was conversation in progress. probably that of greatest significance, there's no end case that he was aware. as i said before, the existence of the weapon was in the trunk
12:51 pm
or what the assailant intended to do that night. >> [question inaudible] >> no. i don't think -- he may have, but you know, that was part of the interview. i'm not aware of the response. >> [question inaudible] >> you know, that is -- i will say a work in progress. at this time i don't have that level of detail. literally to now tell you today, it's not 14 gunshot wound victims. it's 17. so just trying to get their identity, demographics, we need a fence report, we need medical records. a lot that goes into trying to establish what happened and how they were injured, et cetera. >> just your thoughts on the community, the police officers and -- >> well, you know, this
12:52 pm
community is remarkable. just remarkable. i'm amazed at their response. so gracious. so grateful. so caring. this is a beautiful community. >> [question inaudible] >> wow! yeah, their response was crucial. their response was immediate. their response was effective. their response was compassionate. >> you said originally that you were confident -- >> there's no indication that there was anything unlawful in the purchase or acquisition of those that i know of at this time.
12:53 pm
>> [question inaudible] >> could be. could be. part of that is going back historically and trying to determine that. and was it occasional drug use, daily drug use, a lot of gap to fill in. kind of make that call. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't think it was in possession. it was on person. do we know? >> i would wait. >> there was some in the car, on the person. there was evidence obtained. >> not clear where you found it? >> or what it is. >> the focus -- >> i don't think anybody in the room knows. somebody knows but i don't know. >> there's paraphernalia.
12:54 pm
there's no question about it. part of the evidence is being analyzed. >> fair to report that you found it in the car or -- >> i don't have the level of detail. nobody in the room has it. we probably have to ask. >> thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> shepard: a truly remarkable news conference. wasn't it? remarkable in its detail, in its transparency. really -- i don't know. a very good example of how to give the public a full explanation so that people that are so affected in that as he put it beautiful community of dayton can feel like they have the information that helps them sort out this tragedy, this horrific series of events. can you imagine tracking that video, bringing it together in a presentation where local people
12:55 pm
in dayton and beyond can understand it? following the shooter throughout the course from the bar, then back to his car, the changing of the clothes, the bringing of the weapon, the beginning of the shooting. the 32 seconds before the take down by authorities. bit by bit in a matter of nine days now. this happened late saturday night to sunday. nine days later, all of that clear and concise and well-drawn out. cops say it took 32 seconds for police to kill the gunman. in that time, he killed nine people, 32 seconds. they say the shooter arrived with his sister and a friend at a bar four minutes passed 11:00 p.m. went into a bar with them, left at midnight to go back to the parked car. got the body armor and the assault-style rifle, shooter arrived back at the bar saturday night just after 11:00 p.m. with his sister and companion and all of that movement, all tracked by
12:56 pm
video and laid out by police there. extraordinary. the suspect is dead, but the investigation continues. as does the news. i'm shepard smith in new york, this is fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto now. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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